Through the years, my glasswork has evolved from simple stepping stones and panels to more complex plated windows and fused pieces.  Utilizing the technique popularized by Louis Comfort Tiffany of layering two, three, or four pieces of glass together creates the perfect colors and textures that bring my windows to life and create stunning visual effects.

The beauty of nature in flowers, birds and landscapes inspires me.  I especialy enjoy taking a favorite photo from vacation, and recreating it in multiple layers of glass into a unique memory you can enjoy all year long.

Most of my windows are commissions, and I enjoy designing custom panels that express each client's personality.  Contact me to arrange for a consultation so we can bring your vision into the Beautiful Light of Stained Glass.

I also do repairs of cracked/broken stained glass windows, and offer classes in decorative garden stones, and beginning and intermediate stained glass panels.  Please contact me for estimates and class dates and times.